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4 Troopers on Route 66

My Entry to the 2015 Star Wars Contest @sketchfab

Based on the Order 66 moment in the Starwars movie, "Starwars episode III, revenge of the sith"
After i started creating the First Trooper i thought, just having them there normal, would be boring.
So i decided to add my own Tastes in it and give it a bit of a different story, one that focuses on 4 Troopers, rather than the Jedi vs Sith.

Arrived on Bob’s Homeplanet there is War going on, our Heroes fight alongside Gerard, a Jedi with shiny Hair and an unnatural fixation on calling himself a Witcher.

But i am Jumping to far ahead, let me introduce our 4 Heroes first, Leader is Commander Cody, a Veteran and a Trusted Man. His right hand is Sergeant Bob, a Guy that loves old Army Movies and goes full camo in every mission, well even if Green is not quite useful in the Desert.
On the other side we have Dante, a loyal strong fighter with a long history, nobody ever asked who he really is, but would you really ask someone who looks like a Bat about his real Identity? And lastly we have Kenny, the newest Member, but one that managed to be in the hearts of his Teammates quite fast. It’s always fun having him around.

What kind of Adventure will those 4 experience? Well take a look for yourself.

Behind the Scenes:

4 Troopers on Route 66, Entire Scene

Alex meister xmas

Xmas Version

Alex meister cam8 02

It's a sad day

Alex meister cam10 6

Party time

Dante Stormbatman, Standalone

R2D2 Grill Prop

CO-66 V3.1 Canon Prop

Lightsaber Prop